'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Deleted Scene Explains The Origins Of Drax's Tattoos

One of the great strengths of Guardians of the Galaxy is how it just drops you into the deep end of this crazy, cosmic universe and expects you to keep up with it. Director James Gunn trusts the audience enough to just with roll every little weird thing that he throws their way. Here is a galaxy teeming with life and occupied with countless different species and cultures. The film doesn't dwell on the details – it just builds a colorful world and drives you through it at full speed.

That's why it felt totally okay that there was never a scene in the movie where Dave Bautista's hilariously literal Drax sat down and explained where all of the tattoos and carefully designed scars on his body came from. We don't need that information! The look of the character and his body art tells us everything we need to know.

However, a newly revealed Guardians of the Galaxy deleted scene is literally a scene where Drax sits down and explains where all of the tattoos and carefully designed scars on his body came from.

The deleted scene is among the special features on that fancy new Marvel Cinematic Phase 2 box set, the massive 10-movie, 13-disc package that's housed in a recreation of the Orb from Guardians of the Galaxy. Since the original Blu-ray and DVD of Guardians of the Galaxy already featured some deleted scenes, it looks like this new set is going to offer plenty of goodies to fans who choose to double dip.

This particular deleted scene was debuted by The Huffington Post and while it's interesting, it's easy to see why it was cut. Although it's interesting to know that the markings on Drax's body represent the major events of his life and tell his personal story, it's not vital information. Plus, the scene really only exists to get Drax and Rocket into a fight so Star-Lord can rush in and break it up so a despondent (and drunk) Drax can make the very poor decision to alert the villainous Ronan to the group's location. We don't see the start of this fight in the final cut of the movie and it still works perfectly fine.

Here's our big question about that Phase 2 box set, though: will it feature more scenes where MCU characters break into dance numbers? Because that's really all we want. There's nothing better than watching Marvel superheroes goof off.