This Is Probably The Only Top 25 Of 2015 Video You'll Need

It's December, so you know that means: movie lists, and lots of 'em. As the final weeks of 2015 trickle by, the /Film team will be adding their voices to the chorus as we unveil our own personal top 10 lists recounting our favorite films from the past 365 days. No best of the year list is universal and no best of the year list is right, but every best of the year list is an opportunity for someone to share what they love with their fellow film fans, to summarize what has moved and excited them, and to give everyone a time capsule containing a snapshot of the great medium as it stands right now.

However, film critic David Ehrlich treats his annual list as an event. He never creates just a top 10, but a top 25. In video form. And edited with panache and passion. For those of us who love lists and video mash-ups and arguing about which films should outrank each other, his end-of-the-year videos are always a treat.

In the interest of full disclosure, Ehrlich is a friend and a colleague, but I'd be writing about this video whether I knew him or not. It's great work.

Ehrlich, a writer for Rolling Stone and the resident heel on the excellent Fighting in the War Room podcast, is a man of frequently eclectic tastes. Of all the writers I read with regularity, he's the biggest wild card and his top 25 of 2015 follows suit. Even when some of his opinions read as totally baffling to me (is Tokyo Tribe really better than Anomalisa?), I know he's coming from a completely honest place. So this top 25 feels deeply personal. You won't find many of the choices present here on a typical end of the year list and I found myself taking note of the titles I haven't seen for future homework.

As in years past, the video itself is as artfully constructed as some of the films on the list. Even if you totally disagree with the ranking or haven't seen many of the films, it's an elegantly crafted and totally entertaining video that is very much worth your time.

Look, any video that chooses to use "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" over footage from Magic Mike XXL, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Mistress America is a video that deserves a nod of appreciation and/or a high five.

For the sake of comparison, here's Ehrlich's best of 2014 video, which follows the same formula to equally successful effect:

Look for year-end posts from the resident /Film writers soon enough. We've decided to wait until we've seen the Point Break remake to finalize our lists. You know, just in case.