VOTD: All Six 'Star Wars' Movies In Just Six Minutes

It might be hard to believe, but somewhere out there on planet Earth is someone who has some kind of interest in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but isn't familiar with the original Star Wars trilogy or the more recent prequel trilogy. And if that person has gone this long without seeing any of those movies, they likely don't have about 13 hours to spend watching them over the next two weeks before The Force Awakens hits theaters.

But thankfully, the Fine Brothers have you covered as they run through all of Star Wars in six minutes.

Not only does Fine Brothers Entertainment run through all the movies in just six minutes (that's one minute per movie for those who aren't mathematicians), but they do it all in one take while dressed in traditional Jedi cloaks.

Let's be honest, this is more entertaining for fans of Star Wars than it is for someone who's not acquainted with the franchise at all. I would be wholly fascinated to meet someone who would use this as a legitimate attempt to catch up on the movie before The Force Awakens comes out. Why wouldn't you take the time to watch all the movies beforehand?

The answer is most likely sex. Maybe there's a guy or girl out there who just met a huge Star Wars fan and doesn't want to look like a weirdo by not being familiar with the franchise. That would be a smart use of the video, but it's still no excuse for having not watched the movies earlier.