'Fantastic Four' Honest Trailer: A Movie About The Making Of This Movie Would Be Better

One of the year's biggest disappointments, not just for audiences but for 20th Century Fox, was the reboot of Fantastic Four from director Josh Trank. The new adaptation of Marvel's first family was an absolute mess and not even in a way that was fun to laugh at because it was so bad. It simply exists.

And that makes the Fantastic Four Honest Trailer a real treat as they point out that it would be more interesting to watch a movie about the debacle of making this movie instead of the awkward, moody and low energy comic book movie we got instead. Watch!

Here's the Fantastic Four Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

It's hard to find many redeeming qualities in this movie, especially with a finale that makes no sense at all, brought about by a villain who has no real motivation or depth, fighting some of the most boring iterations of superheroes ever seen on film, despite being played by some of the brightest young stars in Hollywood. But I don't know what we expected from the studio that already screwed up Fantastic Four with two awful movies before now.

No matter whether it was the studio or Josh Trank that made this movie fall apart, it's truly a bummer that Fantastic Four didn't turn out to be something worth watching. And now it's likely we may never see Fantastic Four 2 since it was just pulled from Fox's schedule. So how long before Fantastic Four ends up back at Marvel Studios?