LOL: With Arms Wide Open, Scott Stapp Of The Band Creed Reviews 'Creed' The Movie

There's a chance that when the movie Creed was announced, some fans of the alternative rock band Creed were disappointed to learn about wasn't about the band that can take you higher, to a place where blind can see. That chance is very slim, simply because I don't think there are any Creed fans still around. But just in case those fans need a consolation prize, the band's lead singer Scott Stapp took the time to review the Rocky spin-off Creed, and he's obviously pretty disappointed.

Here'e Scott Stapp reviewing Creed from Funny or Die:

As Scott Stapp reviews Creed, he makes the poignant observation, "As Creed the movie unfolded, there wasn't much that resembled what happened in Creed the band." Specifically, as a spoiler alert, he points out that Creed the movie has no epic guitar solos played on a mountain top. Even as someone who has never liked Creed the band, I have to admit that Creed the movie could only have been improved by this addition.

Honestly though, after seeing Scott Stapp review Creed the movie, I wouldn't mind seeing him actually have his own movie review show on YouTube, especially if he keeps comparing any given movie to the the story of the band Creed, regardless of the movie title.

Speaking of Creed and movies, do you remember when the band was trying to hook up with girls on a movie set and they ended up being chased down by Ghostface from Scream? Because that's something that happened back in the year 2000 since the band's track "What If" was on the Scream 3 soundtrack. Relive that surreal music video right here:

Otherwise, Creed the movie hits theaters this week on November 25th.