'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Is Officially Finished, Watch Two New TV Spots

We're 26 days from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but director J.J. Abrams only just finished the final mix at 2am in the early morning of Saturday, November 21st. The filmmaker revealed completion of the film while appearing at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for the Celebrity Nerd-Off with Stephen Colbert, and it just makes me even more giddy to see the movie next month.

In addition, two new TV spots have surfaced online with some brief bits of new footage, including our first decent shots of Lupita Nyong'o's character Maz Kanata and the return of Return of the Jedi favorite Nien Nunb in the movie.

Yahoo Movies revealed the completion of the movie while live-tweeting from Celebrity Nerd-Off:

But you're probably here for the new The Force Awakens TV spots, which you can watch right here:

[the second video has been removed at the request of Disney]

Our apologies for the low quality of the videos, but these recordings that a fan made from by recording another screen are the only versions of the spots available online (we'll replace with better versions when/if they become available). At this point, anyone still looking to watch new footage is so desperate that they'll take what they can get. And anyone who doesn't care about new footage probably isn't still reading this article anyway.

That first video is the one which shows of Nien Nunb, piloting his own ship this time. We're assuming he's flying an X-Wing, but maybe there's another Resistance ship that we haven't seen in the battle yet. However, my bet is that J.J. Abrams is keeping this simple with just TIE Fighters and X-Wings. Here's the shot of Nien Nunb from the spot:

forceawakens-niennunb-tvspotStarWarsUnderworld also thinks that the female pilot we see in the spot is Jessika Pava, a character who appeared in the novel Weapon of a Jedi and may be played by Jessica Henwick in the movie. Will we even hear her character name said in the movie? We'll have to wait and see.

The second video isn't a regular TV spot, but more of a hybrid featurette that shows off some new footage from the movie along with a Disney Channel personality from across the pond talking about The Force Awakens. And it's in this video that we finally see Maz Kanata in a shot with Finn, presumably from when her castle is being attacked, as we've seen in the trailer and other TV spots. Here's the shot, with Maz in the lower left corner:

[image removed at request of Disney]

The little orange alien definitely has a bit of a Yoda vibe to her with the voiceover from the trailer, and getting a good look at her face only adds to that initial impression. Who is Maz Kanata? Does she know where Luke Skywalker is? How many more TV spots could there possibly be for the movie?