'Jessica Jones' Opening Credits: Black And Purple And Noir All Over

The first season of Marvel's new Jessica Jones series is streaming on Netflix right now, but you're probably in the same boat as us – you can't watch it yet because you're too busy doing your job to make money to pay the bills, or you're too busy attending classes to make sure you can get a job to pay those future bills. But fret not! You can get a quick hit of Marvel goodness because the Jessica Jones opening titles are online, which should be more than enough to get you through the day.

And then you can binge-watch all night and through the weekend.

Although we haven't seen a frame of the series proper yet (unless you count the trailers), the Jessica Jones opening titles feel just right for this character as we know her from the comics. A hard-drinking, hard-living former superhero turned private investigator deserves an opening that takes old school film noir and infuses it with a playful musical score and a blast of color. And as fans of the comic character know, there's a reason everything is purple-tinged.

The stylized, watercolor design of these titles recalls the covers artist David Mack created for Alias, the wonderful Marvel comic written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Michael Gaydos which introduced Jessica Jones to the world. The posters have also drawn on this aesthetic and for good reason – it looks great.

Marvel's Netflix series are officially two-for-two in creating evocative opening sequences that all but demand that you not fast-forward. Take another look at the Daredevil title sequence. Depicting the New York City skyline, Catholic imagery, and other elements of Matt Murdock's life being sculpted out of blood while an intense score pounds on the soundtrack, this sequence sets the mood for the show you're about to watch. The fact that Jessica Jones is so different is an indication that the series won't be a riff on the tones of its predecessor. It should be its own thing altogether.

And just in case you're interested in a little trivia, the lead animator on the Jessica Jones opening credits is Eric Demeusy, the filmmaker responsible for that extremely well-crafted Boba Fett fan trailer that everyone lost their minds over a few months back:

Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology from Eric Demeusy on Vimeo.

All 13 episodes of Jessica Jones are streaming right now. We'll be watching them all this week and will see you on Monday with our thoughts.