'Star Wars' Honest Trailer: We Are Not Calling It 'A New Hope'

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens officially one month away (technically under a month since the movie starts playing December 17th), there's no better time for an Honest Trailer to start taking shots at the original trilogy, beginning with the sci-fi adventure that started it all.

The Star Wars Honest Trailer will tickle the fancy of saga fans if only because it refuses to call the movie by its later added subtitle of A New Hope. And really, there's not a lot to skewer besides the legacy of Star Wars that has wrought a huge fanbase that puts together Wikipedia pages for nearly every facet of the Star Wars universe, so that's what they do.

Here's the Star Wars Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

I will say that seeing some of Luke Skywalker's less than stellar moments in this movie as a whiny brat do fit in disturbingly well with how immature and angst-ridden Anakin Skywalker was in Attack of the Clones, so maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Hayden Christensen. Still, if you're a fan of the Special Editions and/or the prequels, then this video won't make you happy.

And it wouldn't be a video mocking Star Wars if the clumsiness of the Stormtroopers wasn't pointed out. Seriously, have those guys ever hit their mark? Also, I love that they included the well-known blooper of one of the Stormtroopers hitting their head on the blast door when they finally get into the room where C-3PO and R2-D2 were hiding.

I'm betting we'll get the Honest Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi leading up to the release of The Force Awakens. And since many agree that Empire is the best of the trilogy, it'll be interesting to see what they can scrounge up to make fun of that one. You can also watch the Honest Trailer for The Force Awakens trailer right here.