'Pacific Rim' Featurette Shows Off The Meticulously Crafted Visual Effects

Fans of Pacific Rim are currently waiting patiently to hear what will happen with the development of Pacific Rim 2 and Universal Pictures. The film was removed from the studio's 2017 release schedule, but they have said the project has not been abandoned. Director Guillermo del Toro has turned in the script and budget, and all he can do is wait.

And while you're waiting to see more kaiju and jaeger action on the big screen, you can check out a revealing featurette that shows how the Pacific Rim visual effects were put together, and just how closely del Toro was involved with their creation in the film.

Here's the Pacific Rim visual effects featurette from Image Ireland:

This focuses on the visual effects work done by the company Animation Boss, and it reminds you just how much work on the film needed to be done in post-production. When your action sequences involve giant monsters fighting a giant robot controlled by people, your action sequences are going to be created entirely with visual effects. And del Toro explains how integral his involvement in those sequences is in the movie:

For me, directing Pacific Rim on the animated side is as elaborate if not more than directing the live-action. I'm directing every little piece of floating debris, directing the performance of the monster. Every single piece of color or light is directed... All of them needs to be put in, and all of that gets put in with my input.

Now that doesn't really mean he tracks the trajectory of each little spark or piece of debris, because that would be impossible. But all the visual effects we see are approved by him, and the featurette shows some of the input he gives as to how the jaegers and kaiju interact with each other. As a director, del Toro has a vision, and it's up to the visual effects company to realize that to the best of their ability. I'm consistently impressed and amazed at how much visual effects work goes into these movies, no matter how many times I see featurettes like this.

If you want to know more about the Pacific Rim visual effects, check out this breakdown over here.