VOTD: 'Back To The Future Part II' Now With More 'Jurassic World' And Donald Trump

Throughout the week of Back to the Future Day, there were tons of tribute videos, mash-ups, parodies and promotions happening to take advantage of the celebration of the fictional importance of October 21st, 2015. And even though we've had our last round of Back to the Future Bits to cover as much as we could regarding the important day in time travel history, this latest video was just too impressive to pass up.

One fan has updated Back to the Future Part II to take place in the real 2015. This isn't like that satirical animated sketch that made fun of the real 2015 we live in now. Instead, this takes footage from the movie and updates it with a couple key 2015 details: Jurassic World and Donald Trump. And if you're a Back to the Future Part II fan, you can guess where each of them come into play.

Here's the alternate Back to the Future Part II in the real 2015 from PistolShrimps (via Gizmodo):

The Tyrannosaurus Rex model used for the Jurassic World hologram is pretty impressive. It looks far more real than the Jaws 19 hologram used in Back to the Future Part II, but it goes back into goofy hologram mode when it shuts off, and you can see the googly eyes roll around briefly. That hologram dinosaur looks more real than the Indominus Rex.

Meanwhile, the scene from alternate 1985 that replaces Biff Tannen with Donald Trump probably hits a little too close to home for Tom Wilson. The actor best known for playing Biff recently spoke out against screenwriter Bob Gale saying that the character of Biff in alternate 1985 was inspired by Trump. Honestly, I think he just needs to lighten up.

Anyway, it's likely all just mix-up as to the origin of Wilson's performance and the character written in the script, but now the comparison has come full circle with Trump being made the favorite son of Hill Valley in the nightmare version of 1985.

Speaking of nightmare, the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Trump was pretty terrible, and you can check out our full review of every sketch right here. It's not quite as scary as alternate 1985, but there is a predicted future of Trump winning the presidency that is painfully unfunny.