'Ghostbusters' Fandom Documentary Coming From 'Back In Time' Producer

There are legions of Ghostbusters fans around the world, and while some of them have spent their time complaining and bashing the forthcoming reboot of the franchise from director Paul Feig, others are just happy holding on to the original films that touched their lives so many years ago.

Now a new documentary will explore the extreme side of Ghostbusters fandom. The project is called Ghostheads, and it hails from Lee Leshen, the producer of the recent Back to the Future documentary Back in Time. And if you're a hardcore Ghostbusters fan, this is a project you can get involved with in more ways than one.

First, here's the pitch for Ghostbusters documentary Ghostheads from the Indiegogo page:

Right now you can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for Ghostheads to help them reach their $30,000 goal. As of this writing, they're at $12,143 with 16 days to go, so they need all the help they can get. But beyond giving money to help complete the documentary, there's a chance you could actually be in it.

There will be interviews with Ghostbusters fans from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom, some of them traveling from one country to another to meet other Ghostbusters fans for the first time. If you keep your ear to the ground, you just might be able to appear in the documentary as well.

While at first glance this project may seem like some glad-handing and nerdy chats about Ghostbusters with people in costume with too much time on their hands, the reality is that these "Ghostheads" do some pretty great things for charities and children's hospitals. They're using Ghostbusters to do some good.

It's easy to say that something like Ghostbusters is just a movie, but when you see a kid with cerebral palsy finding happiness and hope by dressing up like the heroes he's seen on the big screen, that's something special. Ghostheads is about community, camaraderie, and just plain old fun.

The production hopes to land some interviews with key crew and cast members from both the original franchise and the reboot for some added perspective on the fandom and legacy of Ghostbusters. But director Brendan Mertens needs your help to make sure this project moves forward. So if this sounds like something worth throwing some money at, head over the Ghostheads Indiegogo campaign page and contribute a bit. We'll be sure to let you know when you can see this doc.