There's Far Too Much Green Screen In The Climax For 'Terminator: Genisys'

It's no secret that a lot of Hollywood blockbusters use a significant amount of visual effects to bring certain sequences to life on the big screen. And in addition to making fantastical scenarios look as real as possible, visual effects are also used for more subtle things such as set extension. In the case of Terminator Genisys, a heavy dose of both were used as evidenced in this behind the scenes featurette from the climax of the sci-fi sequel.

Watch the Terminator Genisys visual effects featurette below, but beware of spoilers!

Here's the visual effects featurette straight from USA Today:

The unnamed crew member in this featurette talks about the extensive use of green screen (even though he says blue screen) throughout the movie, but also points out the "tremendous amount" of real photography used to make the film as well. However, when looking at behind the scenes footage of the final fight sequence between Jason Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's clear that they didn't feel like building much of a set. See a progression of some of the other visual effects right here:

Nearly everything you see in the entire climax is created with visual effects, which explains why everything looks so fake in the final cut. And bless Jason Clarke for actually being on set and putting in his performance with Schwarzenegger even if the face we see in the form of the advanced Terminator he plays is barely emotive enough to show off that performance.

You can see more behind the scenes footage from Terminator Genisys when the film hits Blu-Ray and DVD this week on November 10th. It might be the last Terminator movie you get for awhile since Paramount is rethinking their approach to the franchise after this sequel/reboot didn't do so well at the box office. However, you're probably better off just watching the first two movies instead of investing any time in this one.