Prepare Your Tear Ducts For This 'The Good Dinosaur' Clip

Pixar isn't an animation studio – it's a massive conspiracy to make grown adults cry. They did it a few months ago with the masterful Inside Out and they look like they're going to try to do it again in a few weeks with The Good Dinosaur. While the studio's previous film ripped those warm, salty tears out of our eye sockets with the force of childhood memories, this one is going for a sob extraction using an even more tried and true method: the parental angle.

We know from the trailers that The Good Dinosaur is about a young apatosaurus named Arlo who is separated from his family. But did you know that their separation is preceded by scenes of Arlo having warm and wonderful times with his father? This new clip from the film is lovely on its own, but it's probably there to set you up for an emotional clobbering later on.

The scene is, like everything that comes out of Pixar, beautifully animated. The combination of exaggerated character designs and extremely realistic settings is a big choice and it seems to work. If nothing else, this movie is going to look great.

However, there's nothing in this clip that sets off any warning bells. What's here is very nice, if slightly sentimental (although Pixar tends to earn its sentimentality when it's placed in the right context). The scene is simple: Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) is coaxed into a dark field by his father (Jeffrey Wright) and his initial fears turn to joy.

Look, we've got to hand it to Pixar – casting Wright as a wizened, paternal dinosaur seems like a stroke of genius. Hearing his deep rasp come out of that dinosaur is just fantastic. The Good Dinosaur also features Sam Elliot as a T-Rex, so it's pretty much won the award for "most inspired cartoon dinosaur casting."

It's no secret that the production of The Good Dinosaur was a little troubled. The film went through a series of delays after it lost its original director and most of the original voice cast. There was plenty of doomsaying across the internet because it's, well, the internet. But the trailers have been wonderful and director Peter Sohn is a smart guy. Plus, we're still a little high from Inside Out. It's getting easy to have faith in this one.

The Good Dinosaur will open on November 25, 2015. It will be preceded by Sanjay's Super Team, another short that may or may not directly blow particles into your eyes to trigger your tears.