Cool Stuff: Mondo's Cozy 'Iron Giant' Sweater And New 'Gremlins' Gear

You might remember back in September when fall was just beginning and the temperature was just beginning to drop, Mondo released a batch of slasher sweaters inspired by the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers. And now they're getting in the Christmas spirit as well.

Mondo has just unveiled a new batch of Christmas appropriate Gremlins gear, including cardigan and scarf to go with the previously released sweater. And even though it doesn't fit with the holiday season, they've also released an Iron Giant sweater that looks pretty cozy.

Here's the new gear from Mondo, available for purchase right now on their site:

All of this stuff is designed by Middle of Beyond, and each piece is 100% acrylic heavy knit. Both sweaters and the cardigan run sizes XS through 3XL while the scarf is just one size at six feet in length with tassels. And while they are absolutely fantastic pieces of clothing for cinephiles to wear, they're still pretty pricey.

The Gremlins and Iron Giant sweater will run you a whopping $85 each while the Gremlins cardigan is slightly cheaper at $75. And finally, that scarf costs about half that at $40. Like I said, they're pretty expensive, but since this is the only place you'll find them. They're rather meticulously crafted so they should be worth it. And even though these are Gremlins sweaters, you shouldn't have any problem wearing them if you decide to eat after midnight.

And with Christmas coming up, don't forget that Mondo recently unveiled the soundtracks of the Back to the Future trilogy on vinyl, complete with collectible artwork (you can order them right here). They'll make for quite the awesome gift for that special record collector in your life. Maybe you can even toss on your Mondo sweaters while you listen to them and roast chestnuts on an open tire flame.