This Live-Action 'Metroid' Short Film Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Ever since the disaster that was the Super Mario Bros. movie hit the big screen back in the 90s, video game pioneers Nintendo were completely turned off from having any of their properties turned into movies again. That means potentially cool film versions of The Legend of Zelda, StarFox and Metroid have been impossible.

However, Nintendo recently revealed plans to get back in the feature film business, though we don't know if there are any solid plans on the table for movies from them in the immediate future. But while you wait, we advise you to watch this spectacular Metroid short film that takes cues from classic sci-fi films such as Alien, Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's genuinely one of the most impressive projects of this kind that I've ever seen.

Here's the short film Metroid: The Sky Falls from Rainfall Films:

For those curious, that's Nerdist personality Jessica Chobot in the lead role as Samus, with Halo 5 star America Young doing the motion-capture and stunt work. There's definitely an Iron Man meets Alien quality about the short film with the cut between the action outside the suit and the HUD inside of it.

The visual effects may not be up to blockbuster standards, but this is still the kind of project that can land a filmmaker a promising career and hopefully a couple of meetings with the right people in Hollywood. That filmmaker is Sam Balcomb, and this isn't the first time he's messed around with some famous intellectual property because he also released a Wonder Woman short film back in 2013 that you can watch right here.

As for his approach to Metroid, the YouTube description says, "Instead of using a modern approach, a style was developed more in tune with the themes that inspired the first Metroid game in 1986: isolation, exploration, and the wonders of deep space." This is exactly the kind of movie that both fans of the video game franchise and cinephiles would love. Here's hoping Nintendo sees the great possibilities that lie in making a feature film of this caliber based around their most valuable properties.

Thanks to filmmaker and friend of the site Joe Lynch for bringing this to our attention.