Who Should Star In The Female 'Ocean's Eleven' With Sandra Bullock?

Just last week, we learned that there was a female Ocean's Eleven in development with Sandra Bullock taking the lead role akin to George Clooney's Danny Ocean. There are even rumblings that the story might actually take place in the same universe as the original heist trilogy from Steven Soderbergh, with Clooney potentially making a cameo as Ocean. But the big question is, who will surround Bullock as the rest of the heist crew?

We decided to put together a prospective cast who would be perfect to team up with Sandra Bullock for some kind of heist. Obviously the characters won't be exactly the same as they are in Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven, but since we're just having fun assembling a dream cast, we've stuck to the characters pretty closely to put this list together for the female Ocean's Eleven cast.

Rusty Ryan - Zoe Saldana


Danny Ocean's right hand man Rusty is always eating since he's always on the go. Plenty of fans have suggested Brad Pitt's wife Angelina Jolie for this role, but that just seems a little too on the nose for our purposes. Zoe Saldana helps diversify the cast a bit, she's just as sexy as people find Brad Pitt, and she has shown that she won't go down without a fight in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Linus Caldwell - Jennifer Lawrence


Who better for the earnest, eager and younger member of the Ocean's Eleven than the endearingly awkward, perpetually dorky Oscar-winning actress that everyone loves? With her solid comedic timing, Lawrence has the perfect profile to take the role that was once occupied by Matt Damon.

Basher Tarr - Uzo Aduba


The Orange Is the New Black star is slumming it with a small cameo in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip this fall, so let's give her the big screen role that she deserves. Aduba is just right for the role of the Cockney explosives expert and occasional troublemaker played by Don Cheadle. She's got the right kind of fire and attitude to make this character work.

Frank Catton - Retta


If you've seen Parks and Recreation, then you know that Retta knows how to treat herself just as well as the fancy Frank Catton, played by the late Bernie Mac. And just like Mac, Retta has a background full of comedy. She'll fit the role perfectly.

Turk & Virgil Malloy - Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer


Let me just say that when I was thinking about this dream cast over the weekend, these two Broad City stars and best friends were my immediate picks for the two brothers. I almost decided to change my picks when I saw Vulture did the exact same thing, but these two are just too good to swap out. Though I suppose you could age these two characters up and have Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play them. That would be pretty great too.

Saul Bloom - Carol Burnett


Saul Bloom comes out of retirement to join the Ocean's Eleven crew, and he has a very distinct character to put forth as a sort of distraction for Terry Benedict and a gateway into his vault. So there's no one better to take the role than Carol Burnett, someone with just as extensive a classic comedy background as Carl Reiner.

Reuben Tishkoff - Bette Midler


It's been awhile since Bette Midler did anything substantial, and I feel like making her the money man (or woman) who funds the crew and occasionally has to keep them in line. Barbra Streisand would be a great back-up too.

The Amazing Yen - Rinko Kikuchi


She's already proven that she can pilot a Jaeger and take on Charlie Hunnam head-to-head in Pacific Rim, so she could easily have the physicality to be the grease woman in the heist.

Livingston Dell - Maria Bamford


Awkward, quiet, and quirky, the stand-up comedian Maria Bamford would make for a stellar replacement for Eddie Jemison's Livingston Dell. As long as she can pretend to repair and modify gadgets, she's all clear.

Terry Benedict - Paula Patton


After working as an equal alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Patton could get a little sassy as the villain of Ocean's Eleven. The vicious casino owner sounds like a great role for Patton, especially if she's dating Bullock's ex just like in Ocean's Eleven. If not, they could just be old partners. Speaking of which...

Tess Ocean - Keanu Reeves


Wouldn't it be interesting if Bullock had to rescue Keanu Reeves from a hellish relationship that he doesn't realize is bad for him? There's some kind of great chemistry that exists between Reeves and Bullock, and now could be the time to reignite that spark for a third time. Or, maybe it would be interesting to make Reeves the bad guy?


Anyway, that's my dream cast for the female led take on Ocean's Eleven. With the project in development, hopefully we'll hear about a cast coming together sooner than later to see what kind of crew we can expect this time. Gary Ross is directing the film with Soderbergh involved in some capacity and a script from Olivia Milch (Queen & Country, Little Women) is writing the screenplay. Stay tuned for any updates on this developing project.