Rumor: Ben Affleck's First Solo Batman Movie May Involve Red Hood And The Joker

We're still months away from seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we don't entirely know what to expect from what will be a full throttle launch into what Warner Bros. Pictures hopes will be an expansive DC Comics cinematic universe to rival Marvel Studios. However, we do know that a solo Batman movie is in the works following a positive reception of the performance Ben Affleck has turned in for the forthcoming superhero face-off. Now rumors have surfaced of what that movie will focus on.

The rumors on the Ben Affleck Batman movie come from a JoBlo report which says that the film will have Batman facing off against both Red Hood and The Joker. Even if you're not a hardcore Batman fan, you know who the latter villain is, but for those who aren't familiar with Red Hood, we'll explain. However, you should beware that explaining who the villain will result in some potential spoilers for the movie, so you've been warned.

Red Hood is Jason Todd, who was once Batman's sidekick Robin (the second iteration of the character in the comics), but was killed by The Joker in "A Death in the Family" in 1988. However, since no one is ever really dead in the comic book world, Todd was resurrected by a Lazarus Pit, and took on the identity of Red Hood (which was actually first inhabited by The Joker).

So how will this storyline pan out in movie form? If the rumor is true, the film will adapt both the "A Death in the Family" and "Under the Hood" storylines from the comics (the latter of which was turned into an animated movie). Jason Todd will be working in the shadows as Red Hood, making people think that he's Batman, making the Dark Knight look like a criminal. During this time, he leaves clues behind for Bruce Wayne to solve, leading to a confrontation between the former crime fighting partners and The Joker.

We've seen hints that Robin may actually be dead in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, thanks to some ominous shots in the trailer. However, no one has been certain as to which version of Robin was killed. Well, this rumor clarifies that not only is Jason Todd the Robin who has been killed in the DC Comics universe, but supposedly Dick Grayson also exists in this cinematic universe and is working as Nightwing. He will be referenced but not seen in Batman v Superman and will end up helping Batman fight Red Hood and The Joker in the first solo Batman movie.

This actually sounds like a fantastic trajectory for the DC Comics universe to take. Fans have wanted to see Nightwing on the big screen for a long time, and Red Hood is a favorite villain for them too, so it's a win-win for both of them. It also helps that the comics planned for adaptation are two of the best comic storylines written for the Caped Crusader, even if they end up only being loosely adapted for the big screen. But remember that this is only a rumor for now, so take it with a grain of salt.

Do you want to see Red Hood in the first Batman movie?