VOTD: Bill Murray Talks Fame & Being Obnoxious In Animated 1988 Interview

Though Bill Murray is known for his roles in films like Ghosbusters, Groundhog Day, Scrooged, What About Bob? and Lost in Translation, he's become even more famous in the public eye for just being Bill Murray. The actor just pops up wherever, whenever he feels like it, and some of the stories about his interaction with people in public could just as easily be legends.

And while it seems like that's a new thing for the Oscar nominated actor, maybe it only seems like it because social media allows us to hear about it more often. Because if you listen to this rare Bill Murray interview from 1988, you'll see he's always been a bit of a rascal with the same ideas about fame and being obnoxious just for the hell of it.

Here's the animated interview from the PBS web series Blank on Blank (via LaughingSquid):

The one line that really gives some insight into Bill Murray's perspective during a high point in his career is this:

"On Ghostbusters they had somebody following us. Following us. You walk down the street, you turn around and somebody would duck into a doorway. Just to control us and make sure we didn't do anything too weird. It's like, "what the hell." I didn't get into this position by being like a stiff sitting on the set in a folding chair. I did it by walking around on the streets and stirring things up."

Murray is a guy that doesn't let fame hold back what he does. This is a guy who walked out of Hall H at Comic-Con this past summer not by going out the back where the rest of the celebrities enter and exit, but instead, walked right through the middle aisle of the crowd, shaking hands and greeting fans as he exited. And that's why we love him, even after he made two Garfield movies.