Cool Stuff: Great Socks! Get Some Fancy 'Back To The Future' Footwear

Hopefully many of you will be taking a trip back in time and to the future with celebratory screenings of Back to the Future. Whether it's just Back to the Future Part II or the whole damn trilogy, Back to the Future Day is the perfect time to relive Robert Zemeckis' classic sci-fi adventure. And now that we're officially in the future, why not dress in style?

No, we're not saying you need to wear your pockets inside out, double up on neckties, or get bionic implants (though the latter could be awesome). Instead, why not have your feet do some time traveling with Rock 'Em Apparel's new Back to the Future socks collection? The way I see it, if you're gonna wear socks, you might as well have some fun with them.

Here's the cheesy ad introducing the Back to the Future socks:

If you want a better look at the new socks, here are some glamour shots to peruse:

All of the socks will be on sale at the Rock 'Em Apparel store online starting at 8 PM Eastern today (because it's Back to the Future Day). The first three designs will be available in a limited edition Flux Capacitor box set and hand-numbered up to 300, along with a secret note from the year 2045 for some reason. The fourth design will be available outside of that pack.

It's a shame that these couldn't have been released before Back to the Future Day so fans could sport them while they're out celebrating, but they'll be fun to wear anytime.

As someone who doesn't really enjoy novelty socks like this, I will say that I'm actually interested in the pair modeled after Nike's power-lacing shoes from 2015, which we're still waiting to become a reality this year as promised. Maybe there will be some kind of official announcement today to make our dreams of not having to tie our own shoes come true. I don't know how much longer I can deal with tying my own shoes. I've got stuff to do, such as whine about tying my own shoes.