'The Venture Bros.' Season 6 Trailer: The Geekiest Show On TV Is Finally Back

No show on television takes its sweet time quite like The Venture Bros., which frequently makes its fans wait years between seasons. Thankfully, the waits tend to be worth it, as Adult Swim's smartest, funniest, and most consistently clever show has only gotten better and stranger with age. The series never wanted to appeal to appeal to a mainstream audience, but the years have seen showrunners Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer burrow so deep into their geeky niche that they are pretty much exclusively catering the faithful at this point. Which means that the rewards of keeping up with the show have only grown.

And now, we are happy to report that the new season of The Venture Bros. actually exists. Really! There's a trailer and everything. And just in time to keep us from mourning the temporary loss of Rick and Morty, a truly great series that owes a great deal to this one. Seriously, if you watch Rick and Morty but not The Venture Bros., what are you doing?

Watch the Venture Bros season 6 trailer after the jump!

Like all of the previous trailers over the years, the Season 6 tease is full of mostly out-of-context scenes and moments. How these bizarre images, conversations, and non-sequiturs eventually fit into the show's complicated plotting and mythology is unknown. Seeing the pieces come together as you actually watch the season is part of the fun. Unlike many Adult Swim shows, which operate entirely in random stoner comedy (and there is nothing wrong with a little bit of random stoner comedy in your life), The Venture Bros. has stories and characters compelling enough to lend the comedy some real weight. The days of it being a simple Johnny Quest parody are long gone. Now, this world totally sustains itself.

Before you hit play on the video below, know that the trailer opens with the conclusion of season five. If you aren't caught up yet, maybe hold off on giving it a watch. Some pretty huge, show-altering stuff went down last season.

The Venture Bros. has never been afraid to radically alter the status quo and force its characters to undergo events that change them forever. That kind of fearlessness is rare in any TV show, but it's especially rare for an animated series. This is a medium where characters tend to wear the same clothing in every episode and never age. Nearly every character in The Venture Bros. – hero and villain and everyone in between – is vastly different from when we first met them. Season 6 looks to push them into stranger territory than ever before.

The new season will premiere on February 7, 2016, two and a half years after season five wrapped up. The only thing that kept this wait from being totally unbearable is that fans are used to waiting two to three years between seasons for the show to return. This quality over quantity approach has led to only six seasons in 13 years, but man, each of those seasons has been pretty great.

Now it is our sacred duty as fans to start cataloguing all of the weird pop culture references this season somehow manages to massage into every passing moment. Will the series ever top that one time it presented a scene almost entirely in David Bowie references?