New 'The Good Dinosaur' Promo Is A Celebration Of 20 Years Of Friendship At Pixar

In just over a month we'll get to see a new friendship blossom between a talking dinosaur named Arlo and a feral little boy named Spot in The Good Dinosaur,the second Pixar Animation film of 2015. If the recent trailer is any indicator, we've got another wonderful family film on our hands that will really pull at your heartstrings.

But this isn't the first time Pixar has played with our emotions. Ever since Toy Story hit the big screen 20 years ago, they've brought characters who developed meaningful bonds and unforgettable friendships, and they want to remind you of that leading up to the release of The Good Dinosaur just before Thanksgiving.

Here's a celebration of 20 years of friendship from Pixar Animation:

Looking back at 20 years of Pixar, it doesn't matter whether the pairing is cowboy and a spaceman, a rat and a human, an old man and a young Boy Scout or even the embodiments of happiness and sadness. Friendship can come in all shapes and sizes, whenever you least expect it. So why can't a little boy and a dinosaur end up being friends millions of years ago?

It's pretty crazy to think that we've been getting feature-length computer animated features for 20 years now. When you look back at Toy Story and compare it to the more recent Pixar offerings, the advancement of the animation is mind-blowing. The things Pixar can do with various textures and environments is incredible, and it's all evolved in such a relatively short period of time.

So can The Good Dinosaur live up to the legacy of the 20 years of friendship we've seen from Pixar Animation? Just the trailer has some touching moments that promise a wonderful tale, so we should be in for another memorable adventure.

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