Watch An Awesome Trailer For 'Jurassic World' From 1978

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Right now Jurassic World is the biggest movie of 2015. As we get closer to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, analysts will start crunching the numbers to see if the sci-fi sequel will be able to beat the dinosaur franchise pseudo-reboot, and we might have a new box office king.

But even though the movie was a hit this year, one YouTuber imagined how much more groundbreaking Jurassic World would have been if it was released all the way back in 1978. Watch the 1978 Jurassic World trailer below!

Here's a trailer for Jurassic World from 1978 by ChiefBrodyRules (via BoingBoing):

Science has found a way to make extinction a thing of the past. Welcome to Jurassic World! The most advanced amusement park in the entire world. They have made living biological attractions so astounding, it has captured the imagination of the entire planet! Jurassic World, where nothing can possibly go wrong...

Taking around 50 films, including footage from Jurassic World, the YouTuber has created a very impressive 1978 version of Colin Trevorrow's movie. It has the same plot, plenty of dinosaurs, and even has a line from Michael Caine that's just like one of the more cliche lines that Chris Pratt says in the movie. That's a really nice tough.

If this movie from 1978 actually existed, I would absolutely seek it out to watch at home, especially with the involvement of Raquel Welch, Richard Pryor and Charlton Heston with Michael Caine. The latter plays the head of security who has foreseen the downfall of the park, while Welch is the Mosasaurus handler that falls in love with him. Pryor is a guest who helps Michael Caine to get the people out of the park and Heston is the scientist who brought back the dinosaurs and second in command at the park

It's interesting that they gender swapped the roles of Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, but when you consider the movie was made in 1978, it would have rare for a woman to have that supervising role in the movie. But the clips used work wonderfully to tease the story.

Speaking of which, the films used include Planet of the Apes, Jaws (and Jaws 3D of course), The Land That Time Forgot, the original The Italian Job, Free Willy, When Dinosaurs Rules the Earth, One Million Years B.C. and tons more. You can check out the whole list of films used over at the YouTube page, though I'd like to see a version that actually overlays the titles of each movie when their footage can be seen on screen.

If you want to see the real Jurassic World again (or maybe for the first time), it's available for digital download right now, and hits Blu-Ray and DVD on October 20th.