Vin Diesel Might As Well Just Come Right Out And Say He's In Marvel's 'The Inhumans'

If you've murdered someone or have a treasure hidden somewhere, the last person you probably want to tell is Vin Diesel. The actor just can't seem to keep many secrets to himself, especially when it comes to future projects that he may be doing at Marvel Studios.

For the past year, Diesel has been doing a little more than teasing that in addition to his voice role as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, he might have something to do with the forthcoming film The Inhumans. The project was recently rumored to be in danger of getting axed, but that doesn't seem to be the case, especially if we continue to believe Diesel's pretty obvious hints.

Speaking with io9, after revealing who will be directing xXx 3, Diesel said that there is still the opportunity to do something more with Marvel Studios. And while he didn't mention a specific title or character name, he did seem to back up certain rumors about which character he might play:

I can totally be something [else] with Marvel. I think playing [Groot] only makes Marvel that much more excited and me having my experience with Marvel, seeing how great they were, makes me more excited.

We've heard a lot of talk about Marvel wanting to have me play a character that doesn't have my voice. So my voice is used for Groot and my presence is used for the other character.

You may remember that we've heard rumblings that Diesel could be playing Black Bolt (aka Blackagar Boltagon), the leader of the Inhumans. Diesel hasn't mentioned this character specifically, but his mention of using only his presence for this other character makes sense for Black Bolt. The character has a voice that unleashes immense destructive power when he speaks, making him a mostly silent leader of the pseudo-mutants.

However, at this point we're unsure as to when The Inhumans will get off the ground. The film is still set for release on July 12th, 2019. But just as Marvel recently messed with the release dates for Black Panther and Captain Marvel while adding Ant-Man and The Wasp, the sequel to this past summer's Phase Two title, there's a chance The Inhumans could get delayed at some point. Whenever the project gets in front of cameras, though, seeing Vin Diesel in Inhumans seems like a forgone conclusion.

Again, the rumors that The Inhumans was going to be canceled due to a clash between the film and television side of Marvel Studios, specifically with regards to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., have been grossly exaggerated. There are actually some rules in place that leave certain elements of the Inhumans mythology off-limits to the TV series, so everything should work out in the end. Stay tuned for anymore updates.