Cool Stuff: 'Star Wars' Fan Creates Full-Size Holochess Table From The Millenium Falcon

There's a scene in Star Wars: A New Hope where Chewbacca and R2-D2 are passing the time by playing some kind of holographic board game. One clever move by the Astromech droid prompts and angry howl from Chewie, and after Han Solo warns the droids about a Wookie's tendency to pull people's arms from their sockets when they lose, C-3PO utters the famous line, "Let the Wookiee win." It's one of many classic scenes from the film.

More casual fans of the movie merely refer to the game as holochess, but the hardcore fans know that the game is called Dejarik, and one of those fans, Ian Martin, has been working on creating a full-size working Dejarik board that's a 1:1 scale replica of the one we see in the film. And while it currently doesn't have hologram technology implemented yet, it's still pretty damn cool.

Here's a look at the homemade Star Wars holochess (Dejarik) table from Nerd Approved:

The source has some very in-depth videos for those who are a little more electronically inclined and might be interested in making their own board as well. However, one video that's worth checking out is an augmented reality test, which would be the less expensive option to make the board feel somewhat closer to a real holochess board:

It's a shame that Lucasfilm hasn't turned Dejarik into a real game for Star Wars fans to play, but apparently fans have already created their own rules for the game, and you don't even need a fully functional hologram Dejarik table to play. And considering a table like the one this fan built would really hit your wallet hard, that's probably for the best. But maybe a board game version could end up becoming a reality at some point?

See more of Ian Martin's creation at this Facebook page.