Netflix Details How To Build Your Own "Netflix And Chill" Button

Over the past couple of months, the phrase "Netflix and chill" has taken off as a meme of sorts. For those who don't know what the phrase means, basically if you ask someone if they want to "Netflix and chill," you might as well be asking them if they want to pretend to watch a movie and just get down to some risque adult business.

Seemingly in response to this online phenomenon, Netflix has just revealed a device that they've created called "The Switch," which everyone has taken to calling the "Netflix and chill button." It's a one-button device that allows you to easily prepare for a night of watching Netflix and relaxing, and you can build one yourself.

Here's "The Switch" in action (via Nerd Approved):

Netflix says "The Switch" has been designed to do "everything you need to get ready for a Netflix marathon with just one press." When built and programmed properly, the device will turn on your TV, dim you lights, silence your phone, order food and take you straight to Netflix. Sadly, in order to get this device, you have to build it yourself. But Netflix provides a very detailed guide for how to do it, but the materials you'll need aren't necessarily stuff you'll have lying around the house, and you need some somewhat advanced programming skills too.

It's not entirely clear how it will order the food you want without having to pause Netflix and have the seemingly never-ending conversation about where you want to get food from, so it's not quite as simple as it seems. Plus, the device probably doesn't pick what you want to watch on Netflix for you either, so there goes another few hours of scrolling through the Netflix library.

But shortcomings aside, this is still a pretty cool creation. However, I can't help but think that Netflix might make more money if they just sold this device to customers and made it easily programmable instead of having people build it themselves. But that's just me being lazy and clueless when it comes to building my own technology and just wanting to throw my money at something that isn't really a problem in my life.

If you think you have a better idea than "The Switch" for the next Netflix-related deviced right here. Or maybe you can just upgrade "The Switch" so it inflates some kind of companion for those who don't have a Netflix and chill partner.