The (Sadly Nonexistent) 'Spider-Gwen' Movie Gets An Amazing Trailer

The DC Extended Universe isn't putting out a female superhero movie until Wonder Woman in 2017, and Marvel Studios is lagging even further behind with Captain Marvel in 2018. Which is enough of a bummer as it is, but it gets even sadder when a video like this fan-made Spider-Gwen trailer comes along to show us what could be.

The video pulls clips from Easy A, Birdman, and of course, the Amazing Spider-Man movies to put Emma Stone at the center of the action. Like the comics on which it's based, the (sadly nonexistent) Spider-Gwen movie reveals what would've happened Gwen Stacy, rather than Peter Parker, had been the one to get bitten by that superpower-granting arachnid. Watch the Spider-Gwen trailer after the jump.

Vulture posted the Spider-Gwen trailer of our dreams. You may recall that at one point, Sony was actually planning a female-led Spidey spinoff. However, the Marvel deal scrambled most of Sony's plans for the franchise, so this fan-made trailer may be as close as we'll ever actually get to a Spider-Gwen movie.