How Well Do Today's Teens Know 90s Cartoons?

We've seen how clueless some teens can be when it comes to the original animated iteration of Transformers, but also how excited they get about something like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. Now we get a mixed batch of reactions as the folks over at the React YouTube channel sets out to answer the question, "Do teens know 90s cartoons?"

However, it's a little more complicated than just showing them footage of the cartoon as the video has them trying to guess the 90s cartoons just by hearing their respective theme songs.

Here's Do Teens Know 90s Cartoons? from React:

The knowledge of these kids is all over the board. Most of them aren't familiar with shows like Captain Planet or Tiny Toon Adventures, though the former's theme song made it easy to make a lucky guess here and there. But once some of them get the title, the memory, or at least some kind frame of reference, starts coming back to them. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to place Dexter's Laboratory if I was in that position, and I loved that show.

The best reaction comes when the kids hear the theme song for Daria, because they all think it just sounds cool (and they're right), and the way they describe the song when hearing it is right on the money. The cartoons that they seemed the most familiar with were Recess (a later 90s cartoon) and Rugrats, the latter probably being one of the most popular cartoons from the 90s that is still loved today.

But the real reason to watch this video are two lively and energetic girls who get particularly excited and interested in what they're listening to the whole time. One of them has a fangirl freak out when she hears the X-Men theme song and starts gushing over her crush on Scott Summers (Cyclops), and they make the whole video worth watching.