Best Stories Of The Week: Men In Black Reboot, Prometheus 2, Furious 8 And More

It's time for the latest edition of Best Stories of the Week!

This time we've got stories about the New Girl season five, when we'll see the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer, some new cameos and gossip about the Ghostbusters reboot, details on more Prometheus sequels, and a Men in Black trilogy reboot.

We've also got new trailers for Fox's The Peanuts Movie, Robert Zemeckis' The Walk, Adam McKay's financial drama The Big Short and an international trailer for The Good Dinosaur.

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#30. David Chen's The Primary Instinct is Now Available on VOD

The Primary Instinct trailer

We've chronicled the making of the Stephen Tobolowsky documentary and now you can see how all of David Chen's hard work paid off as The Primary Instinct is now available on VOD. Find out where you can watch it right here.

#29. I Lost It at the Video Store Trailer: Filmmakers on Their Favorite Movies

I Lost it at the Video Store trailer

A new book is coming called I Lost It at the Video Store: A Filmmakers' Oral History of a Vanished Era, and it's so cool that it warrants its own trailer. Find out more about the book featuring interviews with John Sayles, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Darren Aronofsky, David O. Russell and more right here.

#28. Amazon Round-Up: Prime Discount, Mr. Robot, Fall 2015 Pilots

Amazon 2015 pilots

For today (September 25th) only, get a discount on Amazon Prime to celebrate the big wins for Transparent at the Emmys last weekend. Plus, Amazon has detailed their fall 2015 pilots that users will get to review to determine which shows get a series order, and they also locked down exclusive streaming rights to Mr. Robot.

#27. Megan Fox Stepping in for Zooey Deschanel on New Girl

Megan Fox New Girl

During the fifth season of New Girl, lead actress Zooey Deschanel will be on maternity leave for a bit, so her character Jess won't be on the show for a little while. But space in the loft will be filled by Megan Fox as a new roommate. To find out how the show will explain Deschanel's absence, check out our original story.

#26. First Trailer for Jay Duplass' Manson Family Vacation

The indie comedy arrives on iTunes and On Demand on October 6th.

#25. The Crow Reboot May Lose Director Corin Hardy

Corin Hardy leaving The Crow

Some legal trouble is stirring behind the scenes for The Crow after Relativity Media declared bankruptcy recently. It sounds like the project may now lose director Corin Hardy in the process. Get all the details in our original story.

#24. The A-Team Getting Remade on Television Now

The A-Team series remake

Since the big screen adaptation didn't result in a film franchise, 20th Century Fox is trying their hand at remaking The A-Team on television, but with a bit of a change on the special forces team. Find out more right here.

#23. Robert Redford is News Anchor Dan Rather First Trailer for Truth

The drama arrives on October 16th.

#22. Jack Ryan Will Return on the Small Screen

Jack Ryan - Harrison Ford

Since the Chris Pine version of Tom Clancy's iconic CIA operative Jack Ryan didn't work out too well, the recurring literary and big screen characters is being brought to television instead. Get details on the Jack Ryan TV series right here.

#21. Tomb Raider Director Shortlist, Without Kathryn Bigelow

Tomb Raider female director

A shortlist of potential female directors for the reboot of the video game franchise Tomb Raider surfaced. Kathryn Bigelow was on the list, but has since declined any interest in the project, so who does that leave as possibilities? Find out in our original story.

Pan early buzz

#20. Get the Early Buzz on Joe Wright's Fairytale Adaptation Pan

After premiering in the United Kingdom last weekend, some early buzz on Joe Wright's new adaptation of Pan has arrived. The movie looks beautiful, but does it work? Find out right here.

#19. Sicario 2 Might Be a Possibility

Sicario International Trailer

If Sicario does well enough in theaters, there's chance that we might see Sicario 2 happening. But since we don't want to spoil the first movie, you'll have to click over to our full story to find out who it will follow.

#18. Winners of the 2015 Emmys and Andy Samberg Highlights

2015 Emmy nominations

Get the full list of winners from the 67th Emmy Awards right here. And if you want to see some of the funnier highlghts featuring host Andy Samberg, check out the opening musical number, monologue and more right here.

#17. Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Release and Prequel Comic

Independence Day 2 trailer release

Director Roland Emmerich has revealed when we'll see a trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence, and you can get details on that right here. In addition, we've learned that there will be a prequel comic to fill in the gap between the first film and the sequel.

#16. J.K. Rowling Details Harry Potter's Family History

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneHarry Potter author J.K. Rowling gave fans some new treats by providing details on the family history of the titular fantasy character, including how the Potter family obtained a considerable amount of money. Get the details right here.

#15. John Goodman Joining Kong: Skull Island, New Story Details Revealed

John GoodmanJohn Goodman has joined the growing cast of Kong: Skull Island, and some new story details on the movie monster origin story have been revealed as well. Find out more in our original story.

#14. TRON 3 May Not Be Dead Just Yet

TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Shanghai Disneyland

If TRON 3 really is derezzed, then no one has told Garrett Hedlund. The actor says he hasn't been told that the project is actually dead, and it sounds like there's a chance that it might just be delayed for the time being. Find out more right here.

#13. Paul Feig Responds to Ghostbusters Reboot Haters, More Cameos

Ghostbusters reboot girl powerPaul Feig got fed up with all those people who keep talking trash about the Ghostbusters reboot and responded to some of them on Twitter. In addition, two more cameos by original Ghostbusters stars have been revealed. If you want to know who they are, just click here and here.

#12. Blockhead is Back in New Trailer for The Peanuts Movie

The family film arrives on November 6th.

#11. Hugh Jackman Thinks Tom Hardy Should Be Wolverine Next

Wolverine 3 berserker rageHugh Jackman recently revealed in an interview that he would like to see Tom Hardy step up to take over the role of Wolverine after he's finished with the part. See one fan's imagining of Hardy in the role right here.

#10. Extended 5-Minute IMAX Trailer for The Walk

The true story arrives on September 30th.

Furious 8 director problems

#9. Furious 8 Having Trouble Locking Down a Director

Furious 8 may be set for release in April of 2017, but Universal is having trouble locking down a director, and part of the trouble might be tied to working with Vin Diesel as a producer. Find out more right here.

#8. Prometheus 2 Gets a Title and More Sequels Planned

Prometheus 2 production

The title for Prometheus 2 has just been revealed, and you can find out what it might mean right here. In addition, Ridley Scott has teased that he has plans for even more sequels in the Alien prequel franchise.

#7. Everything We Know About Game of Thrones Season 6

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Angie Han has rounded up everything we know about the sixth season of Game of Thrones so far. That should help hold fans over until the new season arrives next year. Get all the facts right here.

#6. Dinos Finally Speak in The Good Dinosaur International Trailer

The Pixar movie arrives on November 25th.

#5. Star Wars Round-Up: Disney Theme Park, Episode IX Teases, More

#4. Angry Birds Trailer: Why Are the Birds So Angry?

The video game adaptation arrives on May 20th, 2016.

#3. James Bond Round-Up: Spectre Theme, Heineken Ad and More

#2. Men in Black Getting a Trilogy Reboot Without Will Smith

Men in Black airline safety video

Sony Pictures is working on a new Men in Black trilogy, but Will Smith won't be involved this time. Find out what's going on with the new endeavor right here.

#1. Adam McKay Gets Serious with The Big Short Financial Drama Trailer

The true story arrives on December 1st and expands on December 23rd.

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