Paul Feig Fires Back At 'Ghostbusters' Haters

A new Ghostbusters movie was bound to inspire some grumbling no matter what, but Paul Feig's decision to go with a primarily female cast has attracted some extra ire. For the most part, he's taken the complaints in stride. However, even a patient man like Feig has his limits, and recently he took to Twitter to fire back at some of the haters who've been dogging him for months.

Read the Paul Feig Ghostbusters haters reaction after the jump. 

Feig hasn't spent much time engaging with his detractors, but when he finally did he firmly defended himself, his vision, and his cast (which includes Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon).

Feig also had words for the media, who have been spoiling what he intended as surprise cameos. (Yes, we're guilty of it too.)

Lest you think all Feig does is respond to Twitter hate, the director took a moment to show some love for his supportive fans as well.

Some might argue that the best way to deal with haters is to simply ignore them, but it's hard to blame Feig for letting himself vent a little here. Months of targeted hate will wear on anyone, and as far as Twitter rants go this one isn't all that extreme. Feig even wishes this guy a "goodnight" at the end there, because he's polite like that.

Feig hasn't just been an outspoken advocate for women in film. He's actually put his ideals into action, directing multiple female-led comedies (BridesmaidsThe Heat, Spy, and now Ghostbusters) and hiring lots of women to work behind the scenes of the new Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, that's also made him the target for sexists who'd prefer girls stay out of what they consider boy stuff.

Of course it's not the case that all people dreading a new Ghostbusters are sexist. And of course it's possible Feig's Ghostbusters will turn out terrible. But seeing as it's way, way too early to tell – we haven't seen so much as a teaser trailer — it's clear that a lot of the vitriol aimed at Feig and his project isn't really about the quality of his film.

Anyway, let's go out on a happy note. One fan realized that in addition to directing Ghostbusters, Feig is also producing The Peanuts Movie, and took it upon himself to mash up the two. Behold, Feig and his Ghostbusters cast as Peanuts characters.

Ghostbusters opens July 15, 2016.