POTD: Jamie Lee Curtis Recreates Her Mother's Iconic 'Psycho' Shower Scene

Any true horror fan or cinephile knows what ties the iconic horror films Psycho and Halloween together. But for those who may not be aware, we'll enlighten you.

The 1960 film from Alfred Hitchcock stars Janet Leigh as Marion Crane while the 1978 slasher from John Carpenter stars Jamie Lee Curtis. The former was one of the earliest scream queens in cinema's history while the latter gained the status in the 70s and 80s, only to reprise it in the late 90s with Halloween: H20. But their real link is that Janet Leigh is Jamie Lee Curtis' mother.

And as a tribute to her iconic mother, Jamie Lee Curtis has recreated the iconic shower scene that nearly everyone should be familiar with by now in an image that teases an homage scene from the upcoming Fox horror comedy series Scream Queens, in which Curtis is one of the stars.

Here's how Jamie Lee Curtis recreates Psycho on her Instagram page:

As Curtis notes, this isn't all we'll see of the recreation, at least if we choose to keep watching Scream Queens after it debuts on September 22nd at 8pm Eastern on Fox. This scene won't be in the pilot, but will apparently air in a later "special" episode, likely closer to Halloween, and probably chock full of more horror homages as well.

That's a pretty spot-on recreation of the iconic scene from Psycho, but that's not hard when you've got a whole crew working to replicate that sequence.

By the way, for a fun bit of trivia, Janet Leigh also appears on screen with Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween: H20. She plays Norma, the assistant to Laurie Strode at the private school her son (Josh Hartnett) attends where she just happens to be the principal. Leigh delivers a cheerful "Happy Halloween" to he daughter as she leaves work for the weekend. Cool?