VOTD: Five Alternate Movie Endings That Could Have Been

A movie isn't finished until it's playing on the big screen in front of you, and sometimes not even then if you're someone like George Lucas. But leading up to that final cut, a lot of decisions are made, whether it's in the writing process, during filming or sometime in post-production, that can drastically change a movie from how it was originally conceived.

Recently we've seen how that process works, mostly for the worse, with the reboot of Fantastic Four. However, our friends at ScreenRant have rounded up five alternate movie endings that could have been for First Blood, I Am Legend, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 28 Days Later and more recently, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Find out how those movies could have ended below!

Here's the quick ScreenRant video detailing the alternate movie endings:

The alternate ending for I Am Legend is probably one of the most well-known among general movie-goers. Even people who like the movie for the most part know that the ending is the weakest part by far. Making Will Smith's character less of a clear hero would have been irregular for sure, but it also would have been much more satisfying and original.

As for that alternate ending to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, now that we know how the franchise continued on after the best sequel in the series, I would give anything to have that original ending come back into play, if only for the small possibility that it would officially have ended the franchise. But let's be honest, if that were the case, Terminator would probably have been rebooted much sooner.

However, the one alternate ending that fans would probably have liked to see is from the recent release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was actually a scene that simply ended up on the cutting room floor, despite being shot during production. The original ending would have seen Peter Parker's father Richard Parker returning to New York City, having been in hiding this whole time, giving his son the support he needs to be the hero the city needs even more. We would have gotten the "With great power..." line all over again. In the end though, I'm not sure even that ending could have saved that franchise.

What are some of your favorite alternate endings?