Bob Gale's Guide To 'Back To The Future' Celebration Events Coming In October

There's a whole Back to the Future day coming up next month, on October 21st, 2015. As fans of the time traveling franchise will tell you, that's an important date in the movies as it's the exact day and year that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travel to in the future in Back to the Future Part II.

Soon that date will no longer be in the future, and fans will celebrate our arrival on this date in the real world with a whole slew of Back to the Future celebrations and memorabilia. There's going to be a lot happening on October 21st, 2015, and Back to the Future writer Bob Gale has a guide to a bunch of Back to the Future day events to attend and items to get your hands on.

Here's Bob Gale's Events of the Future from Beyond the Marquee:

There's a lot of good stuff coming on this red letter day in future history, from re-issues of the soundtracks for each film in the trilogy to special variant comic book covers to the entire trilogy returning to theaters. But as Gale says in the video, there's also plenty of stuff that will be happening throughout the entire month of October.

Other cool stuff for Back to the Future fans includes the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD re-release of the Back to the Future trilogy. We've featured this before, but Gale has revealed a special feature we weren't aware of before. The fourth disc in this set has a new featurette called Doc Brown Saves the World with Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as the scientist and explaining why the 2015 we're living in now isn't the same as the one we saw in Back to the Future Part II.Back to the Future Day

Plus, in addition to the We're Going Back celebration coming in October in Los Angeles, the city will get yet another tribute to Back to the Future in March of 2016 when Secret Cinema brings their huge, interactive screening of the movie to the United States. Be sure to keep your ear to the ground for anymore cool Back to the Future stuff on the way.

UPDATE: A representative for Secret Cinema has reached out to us with this:

"We DO NOT have plans to do Secret Cinema presents 'Back To The Future' at this time. We are in negotiations with all parties to POSSIBLY do this but no date, location or any detail as been set. Nothing has been confirmed. As soon as it is Secret Cinema will announce this. Bob Gale has been one of our biggest champions here in the States and we all definitely want to move forward with this but right now there is not a plan."

Stay tuned for confirmation of this event hopefully happening in the future.