Elizabeth Olsen Calls Scarlet Witch The "Wild Card" Of 'Captain America: Civil War'

Thanks to a combination previously reported rumors, footage screened during a panel at D23 last month, and some promo artwork, we have a pretty good idea of where each of The Avengers will land in picking sides for Captain America: Civil War. However, there may be one hero who isn't so easy to pin down.

Elizabeth Olsen plays one of the newer members of the superhero assembly, Scarlet Witch. Taking a prominent role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, she's the result of experiments conducted by Hydra, giving her mind-controlling, mystical superpowers. And according to the actress, even though Scarlet Witch is adjusting after the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, she's a bit of a "wild card" when it comes to Captain America: Civil War. MTV recently talked with Olsen about Scarlet Witch in Captain America Civil War, specifically about how the character is doing after the death of her brother and teaming up with The Avengers:

"She's OK. She's doing alright. She's confused, she's conflicted. She's found some people she thinks she connects with, but she's doing alright. They released images of Team Cap and Team Iron Man. She wasn't there. She's always the wild card. I like being the wild card."

The images she's talking about are the pieces of promo artwork that laid out the superhero teams from Captain America: Civil War and even showed them engaging in battle with each other. We had previously noticed in those aforementioned images that there was a lack of Scarlet Witch on either side, though they did bring Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter into the fray. And now that Olsen has talked about her character being a "wild card" maybe she ends up picking a side initially but then backs off. After all, she just lost her brother, so why would she want to engage in a fight like this that just results in more pain and anguish?

Unlike the rest of the newer Avengers, Scarlet Witch doesn't really have a previously determined allegiance. Of course Falcon is going to side with Steve Rogers because they're military buddies and he's helping Cap track down Bucky Barnes. And of course Vision is going to side with Tony Stark because he's technically his immaculately created son. But Scarlet Witch's allegiance could land anywhere or nowhere. We'll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, that's all Olsen could divulge about her place in the story of Captain America: Civil War. Though she did potentially tease some new tricks up her sleeve with regards to how she uses her abilities. Olsen mentioned that she and her movement coach Jennifer White have developed the way Scarlet Witch moves when using her powers:

"It's not a new hand technique per say. We're trying to grow her movement as a whole... Jenny and I have great pride in trying to make this a huge transformation — the next time we see her — of her abilities."

But the real question is will we see Scarlet Witch levitate? There's a chance we may not find out until Captain America: Civil War arrives on May 6th, 2016.