'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Rumored To Have 'Rogue One' Post-Credits Scene

Marvel Studios has made a habit out of including at least one bonus scene in the credits of each of the moves in the Marvel cinematic universe, usually teasing the next movie on the horizon. And that's a practice that Disney might be having Lucasfilm employ with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well.

A new rumor says there may be a The Force Awakens credits scene or teaser that will hype the arrival of Star Wars: Rogue One for the following year.

The rumor comes from Schmoes Know, who mostly have a decent track record when it comes to things like this. And when you think about it, this isn't the kind of rumor that feels unlikely or out of left field. Marvel Studios has created a new way to keep the hype machine running strong, and it would make sense for Lucasfilm to follow suit and keep Star Wars fans engaged during the credits, too.

Keep in mind that when we say "credits scene," this doesn't necessarily mean there will be an actual scene like the Marvel movies that ties what you just saw into the next movie, but maybe just a teaser trailer. That would actually stay true to the original definition of the word "trailer," since they used to come at the end of movies, not before them as they have for a long time now.

Still, this is something that has never been done in the history of Star Wars movies, so it might put some fans in an uproar because it strays from tradition. But since this is a new era for Star Wars, and this is the first time we'll have movies in the galaxy far, far away arriving in theaters so close together, this is the first time it's ever been possible and practical. Maybe fans would be a little less annoyed at this change in tradition if the credits scene came at the end of the credits and not in the middle like some of the Marvel credits tags.

As it stands, Star Wars: Rogue One is already filming, so by the time The Force Awakens arrives, there will be plenty of footage that could be culled together for a quick teaser or scene to play after the movie. And considering this is the first time we've had a a Star Wars spin-off movie like this, it only makes sense to start the excitement just after fans have experience the return of Star Wars on the big screen.

Frankly, I'm perfectly fine with some kind of credits teaser for Star Wars: Rogue One. Furthermore, I think it's acceptable for each Star Wars movie to have a teaser for the next movie. The Star Wars saga has always had a foundation in old serials, and teasing what would happen in the next installment was a trademark of that kind of entertainment, so what harm can it really do? The times, they are a-changin'...