Grand Theft Starship: Video Game Mod Brings A Star Destroyer To 'GTA V'

Not unlike trailer mash-ups and supercuts, there are plenty of video game modifications out there for those who choose to do their gaming on computers. Specifically, Grand Theft Auto has seen some awesome mods that have brought the Iron Man suit to GTA V and the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine to GTA IV.

But few mods bring something as big as this into the video game world. Gamer Justin Lewis (aka "JJxORACLE") from Arterius Modding has created a mod that lets gamers fly an Imperial Star Destroyer in Grand Theft Auto V. And we're not talking about a scaled down Star Destroyer. We're talking about a massive starship cruising over Los Santos.

Here are a couple videos showing off the Star Destroyer in GTA V (via LaughingSquid):

The textures of the Star Wars vehicle aren't perfect, but considering how massive that vehicle is, there's only so much time you can spend making it look just like a real Star Destroyer. After all, this is a custom mod, so it's not going to have graphics as good as the game itself, but being able to fly that massive ship around the city is cool as hell.

If you watch that first video beyond the Star Destroyer footage, you'll also see that there's a landspeeder mod that you can download so you can fly around Los Santos a little closer to the ground. For some reason, the video refers to it as a speeder bike, but fans have likely already flamed the video's creator in the comments for that, so let's not fly off the handle.

Anyway, if you're a computer gamer and you want to bring the Imperial Star Destroyer into your next GTA V gaming session, the mod is available to download online from