Cool Stuff: Remote Controlled BB-8 Toys From 'The Force Awakens' Coming On Force Friday

Ever since the little ball droid known as BB-8 was revealed in the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans were hoping that the franchise that has mastered the art of merchandising would be releasing a remote controlled BB-8 toy for fans to play with at home. And their hopes have become realities.

Not one, but two remote controlled BB-8 toys are coming on Force Friday, and we have a good look at the two different options you'll have to choose between. They're both relatively pricey for toys, but they just might be worth it, especially the more expensive version, which comes from Sphero, the company that helped create BB-8 in the first place.

First up, here's Sphero's version of the droid. It requires having a good bit of cash to spend, but this more expensive version of BB-8 comes from the company responsible for creating the technology that made the real on-set character possible.

Sphero, a company which was brought into Disney's "accelerator" program last year, which invests capital in promising startup tech companies, came up with the technology to make a practical BB-8 droid possible. Now they're bringing him to your home as Sphero has their own remote controlled BB-8 toy that will be arriving on Force Friday as well. Here are a few images:

The company's official website has more info, and this video:

Sphero's version of BB-8, which is controlled by way of an app on your smart phone (IOS and Android), will cost $150.00 and will be available at Apple, Best Buy, and the Sphero website linked above.

Considering it costs nearly double what the other version does, we're betting this will be the better quality product for your BB-8 playtime needs. Here's another video featuring the toy from Good Morning America:

Then there's the cheaper version of remote controlled BB-8, along with a video of him in action:

BB-8 Target

This version will be a Target exclusive when Force Friday happens this weekend, and it will cost you $79.99. It looks a little wonky and wobbly, but it's still going to be a very popular toy this fall and into the Christmas season.

Don't forget, you can also try to make your own version of BB-8 too.

Are you going to get your hands on a remote controlled BB-8 toy?