Watch A VFX Breakdown From Marvel's 'Agents Of SHIELD'

With state of the art technology at our disposal, we know that visual effects in feature films are pretty much always going to look good. That's why the bad special effects seem to stick out even more like a sore thumb nowadays.

But in the world of television, smaller budgets still make it a little difficult to create convincing special effects, even on bigger budget, sci-fi shows that require effects to immerse the audience in the story properly. That's why it's impressive to see how good many of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD visual effects have turned out to be on the small screen.

Check out a VFX breakdown from the show after the jump, but beware of potential spoilers since this is from the second season of the show. Watch below!

Here's the VFX breakdown from Agents of SHIELD (via Fuse FX):

For my money, I've always been rather impressed by the visual effects that bring "The Bus" that our heroes fly around in to life. It looks just as good as any digitally created vehicle we've seen in more expensive movies, and even better than some CGI planes we've seen before.

A majority of this particular breakdown is spent on the sequence where The Bus is blown up, which is the kind of action sequence that wasn't possible on television, even 10 years ago. And while it may not be quite as intricate as some big screen action sequences, the fact that it's able to exists on TV is an impressive feat in itself.

On another note, that opening sequence where Skye uses her powers to throw a soldier across the room, you definitely cannot tell that the solider was created entirely with visual effects, which is pretty incredible.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC this fall on September 29th.