Where The 'Bring It On' Characters Would Be 15 Years Later

On August 25th 2000, Bring It On hit theaters nationwide. Thats right, want to feel old? Its been 15 years since the release of that movie. I've always loved that movie for whatever reason, call it a guilty pleasure. I feel like it were released today it would have a bunch of theatrical sequels and the same success that we're seeing from the like-minded Pitch Perfect franchise.

But what would a real Bring it on Sequel look like? I'm betting that a few years down the line we could see a theatrical Bring It On sequel/reboot with the stars playing mothers, coaches, or teachers. But where might the characters of Bring It On be 15 years later? The cast of the 2000 film give us their answers.

Yes, there was a series direct-to-video sequels titled Bring It on Again, Bring It On: In It to Win It, Bring It On: Fight To The Finish, Bring It On: All Or Nothing and just for fun I'm embedding the trailers below:

As you can see, these direct-to-DVD movie sequels were basically just cash grabs, and didn't really continue the story of the characters from the original film.  MTV asked the cast of Bring It On where their characters would be 15 years later, and here are the best answers:

Kirsten Dunst on where Torrance Shipman would be in 2015:

"You know what, we wanted to make another movie [about] what happened to Torrance. Where would Torrence be? Probably coaching cheerleaders, she loves cheerleading. I think she probably is a cheerleading coach for sure, and she has a family. Not with Cliff — with somebody else, for sure. She's such a good mom. Like, she just seems like someone you want to be your mom, she's just like the all-American woman. I was thinking ACTUALLY, maybe since she loves helping people and stuff, she could be working for the U.N. or something like that. Maybe Torrance took her cheerleading skills to a higher level."

Torrance working for the U.N.? I'm not too sure I buy that theory.

Jesse Bradford likes to imagine a world where his character Cliff Pantone and Dunst's character Torrance Shipman "worked out" but he also likes to imagine a world "where nothing worked out for any of these people, and it's just kind of dark, dark, dark, dark comedy, though, you know?" I really love the idea of the dark comedy where nothing worked out. Bradford did give an extended answer about where his character might be:

"But I think Cliff would be happiest if he ended up with his own little recording studio set up thing, maybe as a sound engineer or maybe actually as his own recording guy, producer, who has his own space, whether it's a little rinky dink or whether he kind of hit it big. And he gets to make music, and be a part of rock and just kind of sit in here and there. That's exactly what I think he would do."

Bring It OnGabrielle Union thinks her character Isis would be "fighting the fight against social injustice." Of course. The actress says:

"She would be a Twitter warrior, she would probably be some kind of attorney of some sort. Either something where she's a politician — where she's changing legislation to fit the marginalized, fighting the good fight kind of thing — or a reality star, it's hard to say. A lot of people have the best intentions and end up in places you cannot predict. One of the two."

And Eliza Dushku thinks her character Missy Pantone would be running talent shows or "beauty pageants in woman's prisons somewhere." How perfect.

MTV has a lot more of the Bring It On cast-members on record, so head over to the site to find out where the actors believe their characters would be 15 years later.