Clickhole's Video Essay Will Change The Way You Watch 'The Dark Knight'

Since we're obsessed with all things cinema, we love stumbling across a good video essay that takes a closer look at a good movie. There's no better way to examine a movie than in a medium that allows us to actually see clips from the movie being discussed as they're being explained. But some movies have been examined so thoroughly that there doesn't seem to be much else to discover.

One of those movies seemed to be The Dark Knight, which has been poked and prodded to death all over the internet. But the folks at Clickhole have just blown our minds by peeling away even more layers in Christopher Nolan's superhero sequel. The movie is still packed with hidden secrets and insane trivia you might have missed the first time through. The Clickhole Dark Knight video essay will change the way you watch the movie forever.

Here's Clickhole's video essay on The Dark Knight from Yahoo:

Wow. That's some impressive stuff. How is it that we're just now finding out that Christopher Nolan played that dead guy dressed as Batman who slammed into the mayor's office window? Also, it's awesome to get a glimpse into how Nolan pulls such strong performances from his actors with little tricks like a secret note to Gary Oldman, or a broken promise to Michael Caine about a big marlin.

All right, hopefully by now you've realized this is a parody of video essays. Right from the beginning, this video essay nails the tropes of the kind of genuine videos we feature here on SlashFilm all the time. But instead of offering real trivia, insight and accurate information, the overly enunciated voiceover offers nothing but earnest lies. The only part that's true is that anyone can flip a semi-truck in a major city street, and you can do it right now without any repercussions whatsoever.