Watch 5 Completely Unnecessary Uses Of CGI In Movies

In recent years, there's been a lot of backlash against CGI visual effects as movie studios rely on them more and more instead of practical set pieces, models and make-up effects (mostly because there's some pretty terrible visual effects out there). We've already highlighted a thoughtful look at how CGI effects are actually great when not relied upon too heavily and blend seamlessly with practical filmmaking techniques.

But sometimes CGI special effects are just downright unnecessary and baffling, and the folks at Dorkly have assembled a short list of five of the most unnecessary CGI special effects, but beware of some brief NSFW nudity. Somehow one of the Star Wars prequels only appeared on the list once.

Here's the 5 Most Baffling Uses of CGI in Movies from Dorkly:

I'll bet you didn't know about that John Wick "special effect." Seriously though, why the hell did $5,000 need to be spent to make a digital pile of dog poop for a shot that barely lasts a few seconds when a prop piece could have done the trick just as well. That money could have gone towards something much useful, like paying off my student loans.

It's impressive on some level that visual effects are so good that they can fake nudity on real people now, however, The Change-Up is not a very good example of this. I always knew there was something weird about Leslie Mann's topless scenes in that movie, but I thought she was just wearing some kind of chest prosthetic, which is why they looked so artificial.

And as ridiculous as it is for Fifty Shades of Grey to add digital pubes to obscure nudity, it's nowhere near as terrible or stupid as that digital pear in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. It's excessive and even poorly done. Like the video says, it would have been much easier to just dangle a pear on a string and then take it out in post-production. But then again we're talking about a movie that used visual effects to create all the Clone Troopers.

What are some other unnecessary uses of CGI that you hate?