'Ghostbusters' Expansion Packs Revealed For 'LEGO Dimensions' Video Game

If you've been on the fence about whether or not LEGO Dimensions is something you should be interested in, a new set of expansion packs just might convince you to drop some cash on the forthcoming video game.

Ghostbusters expansion packs have jut been revealed, and they include LEGO versions of characters that weren't included in the official Ghostbusters Ecto-1 LEGO set that was released awhile back, including Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Check out the Ghostbusters LEGO Dimensions expansion packs after the jump!

Here's a look at some screenshots from the game and also of the LEGO minifigures for the game:

My only complaint after look at the figures and the screenshots from the game (via Gizmodo) is that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man isn't nearly big enough to be the same scale as he was in the movie. I know that's a weird nitpick for a fantasy video game about LEGO sets coming to life and having their universes merge with one another, but I digress.

There are two different kind of expansion packs here. One is the Fun Pack and the other is the Level Pack. There are two Fun Packs, one with Slimer and a Slimer Shooter and the other with Stay Puft and one of the Terror Dogs (not clear if it's Vinz Clortho or Zuul). Meanwhile, the level pack comes with a mini-Ecto-1 and a ghost trap (the latter being much better than the one from the official Ecto-1 LEGO set).

In addition, LEGO Dimensions also revealed a new trailer for the game, showing off the unlockable Adventure Worlds:

It looks like you'll just be able to mess around with any character in any of the unlocked worlds. There may not be as much freedom or places to explore as a game like Grand Theft Auto, but this still looks like a lot of fun.

For the first time in any LEGO videogame, characters from iconic entertainment franchises join forces and battle in worlds outside of their own. In addition to the game, the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack will include the LEGO Toy Pad, which allows players to transport special LEGO minifigures and other LEGO objects into the game, bricks to build the LEGO Gateway, three LEGO Minifigures, including LEGO Batman from DC Comics, LEGO Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie, plus the LEGO Batmobile.

In addition to the three minifigure heroes used to start the experience, LEGO Dimensions will allow gamers to customize their experience with additional expansion packs.  Highly collectible Level Packs, Team Packs and Fun Packs will provide new buildable characters, vehicles, tools and gadgets, as well as compelling game content with new mission-based levels and unique in-game abilities.  All expansion packs will feature well-known properties and provide gamers the opportunity to use everything interchangeably, anywhere throughout the game – with no limitations.

LEGO Dimensions arrives on September 27th. Find out more right here.