VOTD: 'Grand Theft Auto V' Is More Fun With Iron Man

Even though the newest edition of Grand Theft Auto is always something that gets people excited, like any other video game, it gets old after awhile. Sometimes not even expansion packs can make it much more exciting.

However, there are gamers out there who are much more skilled with computers than the average gamer, and they craft some pretty awesome mods to be thrown into a game like Grand Theft Auto V. For example, JulioNIB, who has been creating mods for the video game franchise for a few years now, has been working in an Iron Man suit that allows you to fly around Los Santos, shooting repulsor beams from the character's hands and chest.

Watch the Grand Theft Auto Iron Man mod after the jump!

Thanks to Polygon for bring this to our attention:

As you can see, the suit also gives your game character super strength, which allows you to obliterate cars with just a simple kick. Other fine examples of the suit's power show that a tank and a helicopter are no match for Iron Man either.

Of course, if you're really going to have fun in this Iron Man suit in the game, clearly you're not going to be the superhero that Tony Stark is in the Marvel cinematic universe. You're going to be blowing up cop cars and blasting helicopters out of the sky. The good news is GTA V fans know there's a Tony Stark-esque house that you can go check out in Los Santos if you need a place to lay low for awhile.

My only wish is that mods like these were easier to come by for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation for those of us who just don't aren't avid computer gamers and just want to do cool stuff like this without all the hard work or cash expenditure. You know, like a true American.