LOL: Supercut Of Some Of The Worst Special Effects Ever

Today, technology allows for some extremely astounding special effects. However, it wasn't always so easy to produce fantastical elements, sci-fi creatures and plane crashes.

A new supercut has collected some of the worst special effects ever seen on the big screen, and they're pretty embarrassing to look at. Some of them are bad simply because of when they were created and they just haven't aged well over time. Meanwhile, others seem to be have been created with little to no budget whatsover.

See some of the worst special effects ever after the jump!

What surprising and extremely entertaining is just how difficult it seems to be for Hollywood to create a convincing shark in motion pictures. Sure the shark in the original Jaws looks a little hokey from time to time, but it's used sparingly and successfully. The sharks on display in this video are laughable at best, and it's hard to believe they were ever approved to be seen by an audience.

Also, I have to say that including King Kong in a line-up with most of these other visual effects isn't really fair. That sequence with the running dinosaurs definitely has some issues, but it's hardly one of the worst sequences we've seen. Something like Green Lantern's digital suit should be included over that sequence any day of the week and twice on Friday.

This just goes to show you how some of the most "state of the art" special effects hold up years after technology has surpassed the capabilities of the past. At the same time, this also makes you appreciate the dazzling effects of films like Jurassic Park that still look incredible to this day, even when compared to some of today's digital effects work. Thanks to World Wide Interweb (via Film School Rejects) for this video.

What do you think are some of the worst special effects on film?