Video: Finally A Yoda Toy That Can Kick Your Ass! [Comic Con 2015]

Imagine Jedi master Yoda in an intense lightsaber battle, like the one we saw in Attack of the Clones. Now imagine that energy in toy form, teaching kids to become young Jedi and showcasing his insane Jedi lightsaber skills. Finally there is a Yoda toy that will kick your ass, and it is Spinmaster's Star Wars Legendary Yoda.

This is one of those gems that I happened to walk past as I wandered the Comic Con show floor on preview night, and it stopped me in my tracks. I remember having a Furby-style Yoda toy that had an animatronic face with moving eyes and mouth which could interact with you. This is like that on crack. Not only will it interact with you and respond to your questions and commands, but it will show off his lightsaber skills, swirling around your floor and table while yelling his deadly blade of light.

Demo Of Spinmaster's Star Wars Legendary Yoda From Comic Con 2015

As you can see in the video demo, Legendary Yoda stands at 16.5 inches tall and will perform a variety of movements and responses based on what phrase you speak to it. For example, If you tell Yoda that you're "ready to train, master Yoda," the toy will ignite his lightsaber and proceeds to demonstrate his lightsaber sparing. You can ask Yoda questions or demonstrate your force push with the Jedi master.

Spinmaster will release Star Wars Legendary Yoda for $179.99 on September 4th 2015, otherwise known as "Force Friday" – the date that all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys will be unleashed worldwide. I've heard Spinmaster is also working on other Star Wars characters (please give us an even better R2-D2 than the interactive droid that is already available). I want to imagine a day when two Star Wars Legends figures can have a lightsaber battle together. The figure is powered by 8 motors and 115 phrases.

Star Wars Legendary Yoda From Spinmaster Instructions