The Emotions Of 'Inside Out' Meet The Mind Heist Of 'Inception' In Trailer Mash-Up

Hopefully by now you've met the voices inside your head by way of Pixar's wonderful Inside Out. It's a touching, funny, wonderful animated tale that will make you have all the feels.

But now filmmaker Nelson Carvajal has given Inside Out a new feeling (no pun intended) by mashing it up with the trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception. Pixar's emotional adventure gets a little more dramatic by being set to Zack Hemsey's "Mind Heist" track, making the proceedings that occur in Riley's mind all the more urgent.

Watch the Inside Out Inception trailer mash-up after the jump!

There are some fantastic cuts here, and the change in music really adds some flare to the Pixar film, making the journey that Joy and Sadness have to make through Riley's memory seem that much more dangerous. Carvajal doesn't use any tricks to change footage from the movie itself, not even slow motion, a trademark of the mind-bending action of Inception.

"Mind Heist" is such an intense track that you can use it in just about any trailer and it will add drama. Sadly, the track is also responsible for starting an annoying trend in trailers with loud bass blasts sounding off to several fades in and out of various pieces of footage. But it certainly helped make the Inception trailer memorable, so I guess we can't be too mad at the editors of the trailer for using it so effectively.

As amusing as this video is, I look forward to Inside Out being available on home video so that someone can take footage and maybe cut an Inception style trailer in a more stylish way. Actually, I just look forward to Inside Out being available on home video so I can sit in my room, curl up under a blanket, and cry without anyone judging me.