Check Out A Dinosaur-Sized Collection Of 'Jurassic World' Concept Art [Removed]

Now that Jurassic World has finally been realized on the big screen, and John Hammond's vision for a fully functional dinosaur theme park has come true (for better or worse), there's no better time to look at the designs that made the film possible.

As we all know, making a movie is no small feat, and the effort can require hundreds of people working together to make it happen. But before cameras are rolling and sets are built, a whole slew of artists are rounded up to help design the look of the movie, from the sets to the dinosaurs to the wardrobe and everything you see on screen. And a great collection of concept art for Jurassic World has popped up online now that the film is in theaters, and it's pretty cool to compare it to what we saw in the final product.

Check out the gallery of Jurassic World concept art after the jump, but beware of spoilers!

[Removed at request of Universal]

As you can see in the gallery above, there wasn't a whole lot that ended up being changed in the film itself. That might be because the pieces of concept art that have been revealed are the ones that were chosen to be realized in the movie, but it's still cool to see where it all started.

The only noticeable differences seem to be in the design of the glass for the aviary and also some minor aesthetic changes to the main strip of Jurassic World. There are also a couple shots above that didn't make it into the movie.

For example, that shot of the two kids looking out a shattered window and seeing the park in the distance. There's also one shot of pteranodons perched on top of the walls of some sort of courtyard and the crowd looking out at another attraction area, complete with giant video screens. Neither of those designs made it into the final cut, so I wonder if we'll see those in deleted scenes once Jurassic World hits home video.

Thanks to i09, MovieWeb and From Director Steven Spielberg Tumblr for the concept art.