LOL: Dinosaur Prank Scares The Hell Out Of 'Jurassic World' Star Chris Pratt

Now that Jurassic World holds the record for the biggest box office debut of all-time (though it could end up getting trampled by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December), there's no doubt that Chris Pratt is one of the biggest movie stars in the world now. However, it's important to remember that movie stars are just like the rest of us, and Pratt is no exception.

If you need proof that Chris Pratt isn't just some action adventure hero created in a lab, you can go watch the first few seasons of Parks & Recreation on Netflix. Or if you don't have that kind of time, you can watch this prank video where Pratt gets the sh*t scared out of him by a dinosaur surprise. Watch these guys prank Chris Pratt after the jump!

Thanks to Mashable for pointing out this prank put together by SA Wardega.

It's a pretty quick set-up and execution, but the payoff is priceless. Chris Pratt may be a raptor trainer in the movies, but he's not beyond being caught off guard by a couple of dinosaurs. I'm sure he's more caught off guard just by the surprise itself rather than the fact that it's a dinosaur costume. It could have been anything around that corner, and he probably would have reacted the same way.

Still, those dinosaur costumes are pretty impressive, and they're probably expensive, so it's probably good that Pratt didn't immediately go into punching mode. But as you can see in the video, he gets that fist ready momentarily after realizing what's going on, but it's moreso a gesture of, "Ah, you rascals!" And then moves on to asking about the dinosaur costumes. Someone in Pratt's entourage was in on the prank too, and they're just lucky he's one of the coolest dudes in the world who knows how to take a joke.