What DC Comics Character Would Kevin Smith Want To Direct In A Movie?

In a world full of comic book adaptations, one would think that a massive comic book fan and filmmaker like Kevin Smith might get the chance to bring one of the character's from ink to screen. However, Smith's writing and directing style hasn't exactly shown the potential for tentpole material (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Sure, Smith has written comic books, but that's much different than creating a feature film around them.

However, Smith was recently asked about the potential of him ever directing a comic book project. And while he dismisses the thought of that ever coming to fruition, he did offer up an intriguing character that he would like to bring to life. Find out the character who would be at the center of this hypothetical Kevin Smith comic book movie after the jump.

After dismissing his chances of ever directing a film, Smith briefly commented that he would love to bring DC Comics The Question to the big screen.

The Question

Smith's take would be a "noir-ish thriller," and he explains his reasoning behind that desire to THR:

"I always thought if you were in an alley and f***ing Batman showed up you'd be like, 'Oh f***, Batman.' But if a dude shows up with no features and starts punching you, you would probably kill yourself in fear."

For those who don't know, The Question is a character who wears a blue fedora and trenchcoat. But his most defining characteristic is his lack of any characteristics at all. The Question (or Vic Sage) wears a mash made of a synthetic material that erases his facial features and allows him to change the shape of his face for disguises. He has no superpowers, but has been trained in martial arts and is also a skilled investigative journalist.

Basically, it sounds like if The Blank from Dick Tracy actually went and became Dick Tracy. And while I can see how the thought of confronting a faceless man in an alley would be terrifying, I'm not sure that the character would make all that great of a hero to follow in a feature film. While it would be interesting to see how a character like this would be developed for a film, it's bound to get lost in the shuffle amongst the more flashy superheroes.

But Smith keeps getting even stranger films funded (like the forthcoming Yoga Hosers), so maybe it's not that crazy of an idea after all. We'll next see Smith get back behind the camera for MallBrats, a sequel to his 1995 comedy Mallrats, but maybe one day he'll finally get a comic book movie of his own.

Would you like to see a Kevin Smith comic book movie? Does DC Comics The Question sound like a cool movie idea?