Wes Anderson Meets 'The Shining' In 'The Grand Overlook Hotel' Mash-Up

At first, you might think that directors Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick don't have much in common. Their films couldn't be on more opposite ends of the spectrum. However, Steve Ramsden used the similarity in the way Anderson and Kubrick frame shots as a reference point to create The Grand Overlook Hotel, a truly incredible mash-up of The Shining and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Thanks to Birth.Movies.Death for bringing this to our attention. Mash-ups are a dime a dozen online, but this one is genuinely remarkable. It's a seamless blend of two drastically different films. But the framing of shots and movement of the camera, not to mention the aesthetic of The Grand Buadpest Hotel and The Overlook Hotel, match up so well.

What makes this mash-up particularly enjoyable is that Ramsden has crafted a little story that exists between the two films as opposed to just creating a montage of clips edited together with music. The dialogue crossovers and that one shot that goes from the Overlook hallway into one of the Grand Budapest rooms is just perfect. If you're going to do a mash-up, this is one of the best examples to take a cue from, and it's a refreshing change of pace in quality from repurposed material online.

And for the rest of you Wes Anderson nuts out there, make sure you check out this real Italian cafe designed by the filmmaker that's now open for business. Plus, there's been plenty of mash-ups trying to capture the style of Wes Anderson, including what an X-Men movie in his hands might look like, and this other odd movie trailer remix of Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox and Foxcatcher.

We're still waiting to hear what director Wes Anderson has up his sleeve for his next film. The Grand Budapest Hotel was such a hit last year, including plenty of love during awards season, fans are certainly anxious to see what's coming next. Last fall we heard Anderson was maybe considering another stop-motion animated film, but we've heard no new details since then. It would be very interesting to see Anderson take on a horror film, but Saturday Night Live already did that for him. We'll keep our ears to the ground for any word on what Wes Anderson might be directing next so stay tuned.