Hear Damon Lindelof's 'Tomorrowland' Credits Scene Pitch With Marvel & Star Wars Ties

This coming weekend, audiences will feast their eyes on Disney's live-action sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland, from The Incredibles director Brad Bird. Considering the onslaught of hype and buzz there has been for anticipated movies this year from Disney-owned Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, it's kind of refreshing to have an original sci-fi flick such as Tomorrowland hitting the big screen this summer. However, writer Damon Lindelof just revealed that there was a Tomorrowland credits scene pitch that would have featured a pretty blatant tie-in to both Marvel and Star Wars. Find out about the Tomorrowland credits scene below!

The relevant part of the interview (via IGN) begins at the 1:58 mark:

If you don't feel like watching and listening, here's what Lindelof said:

"My pitch was that there was going to be a post-credits scene in Tomorrowland and at the very end of the movie, if you watch the credits, there's a pin and you see someone picking it up. And the reveal would be that Sam Jackson, wearing an eye patch and holding a lightsaber and he looks sort of befuddled – maybe a Frozone uniform – and he goes 'I'm in this one too?' And bam, cut to black."

So this post-credits scene would have had Samuel L. Jackson, dressed as Nick Fury and Frozone (which is perfect since The Incredibles 2 is on the way), holding a lightsaber, and picking up the Tomorrowland pin we've seen in the trailers. I think I just had an aneurysm.

Thankfully, this was just a silly pitch and never a real idea. If this scene somehow ended up in the credits of Tomorrowland, despite its tongue-in-cheek nature, it just seems like too much. Plus, it would kind of take viewers out of the magic and wonder they experience in Tomorrowland by completely breaking the fourth wall and shattering the reality in which the movie exists. Bird and Lindelof are probably smart enough to know that, which is why it was just a laughable pitch to begin with.

At the same time, this just goes to show you that Marvel's credits scenes have become such an expected part of the blockbuster movie-going experience that filmmakers have these kind of hypothetical talks about whether or not they should include one, whether they're goofy or not. As it stands, there is no credits scene that viewers need to stick around for after the movie. But if you feel like sticking around for a short bit, there's still a cool animated credits sequence that's worth watching.

But if you need your post-credits scene fix, there will probably be a couple more opportunities for that this summer. Surely Marvel's Ant-Man will have some kind of credits scene. And there's plenty of other movies, like Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys and Fantastic Four that could easily have some kind of credits tag to tease future sequels. We'll find out soon enough.

Would you have wanted to see this credits scene? Is it refreshing for a movie like this not to have a credits scene?